About Us

100 positive civic actions in 1 day

100In1Day is an annual celebration of active citizenship, is a day to own the streets and show ourselves that we are able to create together for a better city and a better world.

What is 100In1Day?

100In1Day is the perfect excuse to celebrate Active Citizenship in your city. It is an event to commemorate the power we have to dream and create the change we want to see in our communities. It is one day during the year when we remember the capacity we have to transform and co-create a better world through actions.

It is a social-transformation model that aims to be spread and welcomed around the world. It is a network in which participants build connections to re-define their cities. Community work is the first step for collective creation, and this is why the 100In1Day model aims to create alliances among its participants and open spaces that enable the search of solutions. These can come from either a critical perspective or whatever it is that each citizen has envisioned for their environment.

100In1Day is materialized in actions. These actions develop in the public space and create an impact in the physical and human sphere of the city. These actions aim to have a positive impact on the local context. They are born from the citizens’ reflection on their territory, their basic needs and dreams. This is why the actions can approach different topics: environmental, cultural, social, mobility or artistic; they are all part of this citizenship festival. It is a change catalyst that starts on the personal reflection of each individual towards the understanding and re-definition of the relationship it has with the space they inhabit. It is important that citizens understand to whom they are talking to, what they believe in are and what do they embrace or reject.

Is 100In1Day a protest?

It is the opportunity to engage in a dialog, understanding the importance of MAKING and PROPOSING in order to demand changes in the city, without ignoring the government’s responsibility.

In 100In1Day there’s room for a different kind of protest where citizens express their disconformities or complaints with answers.

Is 100In1Day a political party?

100In1Day is NOT a political part or a governmental project. It is a citizen platform that perceives politics through the important role of active citizenship, as true change in cities come from the bottom.

In what do we believe in?

  1. In Actions before opinions.
  2. In citizen net-working to activate each individual’s potential.
  3. That everything is possible if we work imagine and create the change together.
  4. In local actions that create global changes.
  5. In the importance of dreaming and making the right choices to make those dreams come true.
  6. In Creativity as a powerful transformation tool.
  7. In the possibility of creating new stories and new realities.

Why 100 actions?

We like to think big. The number 100 is a symbol that allows us to see the possibility to create a bigger transformation if we work together. The idea of making 100 interventions is to set a goal for the leading team and the participants.

This number can be greater and in some cases can be lower, it all depends on the specific features of each context. Regardless of the number, we think in the Quality of the actions before the Quantity.

What does it mean to be an Active Citizen?

It is whom, beyond voting, has an active role in the search and creation of solutions for their city. Active Citizenship is the chore of 100In1Day and is gained by having a co-responsibility role with the city and the neighbor, building a citizen culture from the everyday in the public space.

We can create a change every day, as small as it is!

What are the type of actions generated in 100In1Day?

The actions generated in 100In1Day are always focused on creating a positive change on the city. These can impact different topics such as: environmental, social, cultural, education, citizen culture and others.

The starting point to develop them is the realization of situations with tension or a sense of displacement that have the potential to be highlighted, transformed, strengthen, or improved.

These actions can be expressed as Interventions or Interactions.

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